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As the oracle, Apollo also helps people colonize, help attack during wars, and will also help people in many other different ways, like philosophy. For example, Apollo helped in the Trojan war by shooting plague arrows and had also led the arrow that Paris shot to go into Achilles' heel. Family Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. Apollo there established the famous Oracle of Delphi by transforming himself into a dolphin, leaping to the deck of a ship, and demanding to be served by the crew. Delphi was thus named after the dolphin, or delphis, and the cult of Apollo Delphinius Apollo the dolphin arose among the Cretans, whose ship Apollo had commandeered.

Apollo is one of the most vain gods of Olympus. Apollo was an overachiever. He was also honorable, brave, and cautious. If you are on Apollo's good side he will give healing gifts and he also has good musical ability when in a good mood. He is a wise god who is always truthful and energetic. He is mostly cheerful and kind, but can get jealous. Apollo was very wise and calm headed but like his father Zeus, was very quick to anger, especially when anyone disrespected him or his family. Apollo also valued family as when Poseidon challenged him during the Trojan War he refused to fight him because they were family -though he did, through his heroes, fight Athena in the Trojan War.

According to some sources, Apollo was also responsible for bringing plague and diseases to the lands. As the god of the sun, he represented the light time of a day in contrast to her sister Artemis who represented the night time. Apollo was also very loyal and friendly to his family as well as very creative and had a preference for music. Apollo was a major Greek god who was associated with the bow, music, and divination. The epitome of youth and beauty, source of life and healing, patron of the civilized arts, and as bright and powerful as the sun itself, Apollo was, arguably, the most loved of all the Greek gods.

Apollo Roman Counterpart was also called Apollo When the Roman Empire conquered the Greeks in 146BC, the Romans assimilated various elements from other cultures and civilisations, including the gods and goddesses that were worshipped by the Ancient Greeks. Apollo was the god of healing, and he had the ability to send death and plague in times when humans disobeyed. Apollo was remembered for his affairs with various women and men. Apollo had a relationship with nymph Daphne, and God Eros was very jealous of his singing skills and archery skills. Apollo is one of the most important and most complicated gods in the Greek Pantheon. If you've taken even a slight interest in Greek mythology, you've probably heard of Apollo as the Sun God and have seen pictures of him driving the chariot of the sun across the sky. 09/06/2012 · The Jones Family sings What If God Is Unhappy With Our Praise. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading. Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. The Jones Family on Apollo Kids YouTube; Top 4 best performances in Showtime at the Apollo season 1 - Duration: 9:57. zbest corp 1,871,472 views.

Apollo looked after the cattle of the sun-god Helios while Helios was driving the sun through the sky. While Apollo was chasing Daphne, the mischievous baby god Hermes stole the cattle and confused Apollo by making the cattle walk backwards as they left their pen.

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